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A Few Timbits As I Get Back From Vacation

First off, the rumored Leafs - Panthers deal is currently running rampant, I am also hearing that it includes Jay Bouwmeester, but the return would be much greater than McCabe, Steen and a Pick. I am doing some research on that. NOTE: it is not a done deal as of yet, anything can happen.

I have some Habs news, as you probably know by now, the Lang to MTl rumor is completely false, I have been told that Gainey WILL NOT pull out on the Sundin race until he gets confirmation from his camp that Sundin will not be signing there.

Reports are also saying that the Habs have an offer ready for Teemu Selanne should Sundin choose another route. Selanne is said to be interested in joining the Habs this time around as things arent looking to shady between Selanne and Burke. We could finally see Selanne in a Habs jersey. I will give you more as i hear it..

Shanahan has been in constant contact with the Blues and Pens today, decision could be coming SOON.

Hurricanes Update

A few updates for you from Carolina.....

-The deal reportedly on the table to send Frantisek Kaberle to... well, anywhere, has been put on hold as a result of my next point,

-Niclas Wallin is rumoured to be returning to Sweden. There is the posibility of Wallin's contract being purchased by a club in his native Sweden (don't ask me how this works.) Obviously, if Wallin were to be allowed to return to Sweden, this would help clear cap space, HOWEVER, it would not clear up enough to get the Canes below their self-imposed cap. Therefore, should Wallin go, I see Kaberle being packaged up with another player to get a solid, defensive d-man.

-Jeff O'neill will be attending Hurricanes training camp. This makes sense for a few reasons. JR wants to make sure that O'neill still has the ability to play at this level before he commits a contract to him. Should O'neill show some promise, JR will likely give him a contract, partly as an insurance policy if Matt Cullen or Brandon Sutter are not ready to compete this season.

-Only one players health is in question this off-season, Matt Cullen. Apparently he is still recovering from his latest concussion, and this is likely the reason that Drayson Bowman was signed so early... If neither O'Neill or Cullen are solid enough to start the season, Drayson Bowman will.

BOUWMEESTER A LEAF!??????????????

Word is the leafs may have just acquired Jay Bouwmeester. THE DEAL IS NOT CONFIRMED SO DONT PUT YOUR HOPES TO HIGH but it may be a done deal. LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS THERE IS MORE.

Deal is reportedly for Mccabe,Steen and Conditional Pick.

UPDATE: An e-mail was sent to Bouwmeester's agent about the deal and his agent responded by saying he had no comment at the moment.


A couple AHL coaching moves were made:

The Philadelphia Flyers Affiliate Team, The Phantoms announced that Former Senators coach John Paddock will be head coach of there team.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Affiliate Team, The Marlies announced that former Maple Leaf star Doug Gilmour will be an assistant coach for them this year.




Jeff O'Neill gets tryout a la Nedved, but with Canes

Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said Thursday that the former Canes forward, who did not play in the NHL last season, has been invited to the team’s preseason camp next month. O’Neill, 32, has not signed a contract.

O'Neill played with the Leafs in 2006-07, notching 20 goals and 42 points in 74 games.
He didn't play last season.

Carolina traded him to Toronto in August 2005, a few months after O'Neill's brother, Donny, died in a car accident. O'Neill seriously considered retiring at the time, that's why he took the 2007-08 season off.

Hello?!?! Can anyone hear me?!?!

I apologize for the ambiguous title, but trust me, I sincerely believe there certainly is merit to Murray's supposed Gag order in the Sens front office... It is DEATHLY quiet.

However, I did manage to scrounge up a little morsel to pass on.

I was told that negotiations with Mezie's camp are NOT at a standstill as some are reporting; however we may have come to a fork in the road. I heard that Murray has tendered Mezaros a final offer consisting of approximately $2.45M for 1 yr. Last I heard, there was talk of Mezie's camp submitting a counter offer for another year or two, but I haven't heard anything since.

It seems that Mezaros has 3 options to choose from:

1) sit out and wait
2) accept the offer from the Russian Continental League (valued at approximately $3.5M)
3) suck it up and sign and show his worth to Murray and to Sens fans in general.

Now, while neither option 1 nor 2 seem appealing, the fact is I think Mezie will sign. I do not think he has ANY interest in playing in Russia, unless he is all about the money, for to do so could potentially hurt any progress he HOPES or WE hope he makes at the NHL level. However, the longer this continues, the more speculation continues to swell and the angst of all Sens fans can be felt across the league...

Stay tuned and should ANY info crop up, it will be posted forthwith.

Sean Hill and David Ling to EHC Biel /Switzerland

Defenseman Sean Hill, 38, played for the Minnesota Wild last season, recording 9 points in 35 games. Hill also played for the Islanders, Panthers, Hurricanes, Blues, Senators, Ducks and Canadiens during his 17-year career.

Forward David Ling, 33, played for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL last season, notching 59 points in 71 games. Ling played in Russia during the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons. He was drafter by the Quebec Nordiques in 1993.

The terms of the deals have not been released yet.

Notes from Big D

Thanks to Brett Favre, Cowboys' training camp, and the Texas Rangers actually still in the playoff hunt, there is very little news about the STARS to report!

According to Mike Heika from the Dallas Morning News ... Les Jackson has told him that the STARS will not contact Mark Parrish about playing for Dallas this season. Apparently they are too close to the cap and they have full confidence in the youth. However, according to the numbers, it appears the STARS have nearly $2-million left in cap space and Parrish would make around $750,000. As I have said for the last several years ... the STARS still need one more scoring winger. Parrish could fill that role. Surely some sort of deal could be worked out. Furthermore, I'm certain Parrish would be flexible considering this club looks to make a good run at the Cup.

Sean Avery was introduced to the Dallas fans yesterday as he threw out the opening pitch at the Rangers' game. It was fitting that the Rangers were playing the New York Yankees. Brendan Morrow and Marty Turco joined Avery on the field, letting us know that the past is the past and this team is looking to loftier heights.

Some games of note for your Dallas STARS this season:

*Opening Night vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

*October 18 vs. Colorado Avalanche :: let the rivalry renew itself!

*October 20-23 :: the New York road trip :: STARS play Rangers, Devils, & Islanders

*October 25 vs. Washington Capitals :: OV comes to town

*November 8 at San Jose Sharks :: this could be an extremely feisty series this year considering the last couple of months last season

*December 12 vs. the hated Detroit Red Wings :: Western Conference Finals Rematch :: the NHL must think this is long enough for Morrow to forget about Draper's cross-check to his mouth!

*New Year's Eve vs. New Jersey Devils :: the Hullenium will never be forgotten!

*January 19 at Tampa Bay Lightening :: Brad Richards goes home to face the completely revamped Bolts

*January 25 NHL All-Star Game in Montreal

*March 1 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins :: Sid the Kid and Evgeni Malkin

*March 8 vs. Montreal Canadiens :: Guy's back in town

*April 7-10 :: STARS wrap up the season on a 3-game road trip vs. Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche, and Anaheim Ducks


Trevor Letowski to play in Europe

Forward Trevor Letowski signed a contract with Barys Astana earlier today. The 31 year-old Letowski played for the Carolina Hurricanes last season. In 75 games, he notched 9 goals for 18 points. Letowski was drafted by Pheonix in 1996. The terms of the deal are still unknown.

McCabe and Steen for Bouwmeester?

Word is tonight that there is indeed a deal in the works that would see D Bryan McCabe and F Alex Steen go to Florida for D Jay Bouwmeester.

And for once the trade isn't being held up by Bryan its being held up by Fletcher. Apparently like Ferguson before him he is reluctant to give up Steen in the deal. Sources are saying that McCabe does not have a problem and would indeed consider playing in Florida. Fletcher is apparently wanting to give McCabe and a 2nd rounder instead.

But unfortunately for Fletcher GM Martin holds the cards especially if McCabe has agreed to waive to go to Florida. Martin can basically say Steen or no deal which I think would be a mistake for the Leafs. Schenn and Bouwmeester would be one of the most powerful tandems in the NHL.

Like I've said before Fletcher if this is indeed true needs to pull off this deal as there has been reportedly little interest in the 5.75 mill dollar D man.

Lets hope this doesn't turn into another Chris Pronger saga and the Leafs don't pass up another oppurtunity to obtain another franchise Dman.

So once again the reported deal is D Bryan McCabe and F Alex Steen for D Jay Bouwmeester.

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