Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wild Management Have Met With Gaborik

The Minnesota Wild management have met with there star forward Marian Gaborik over a 4 hour long dinner in Trencin,Slovakia. There message was loud and clear MINNESOTA IS THE PLACE TO BE. I am hearing a contract offer of about 8.5 million per year over the course of an undisclosed amount of years could be coming to the pending free agent. Both sides know where they stand so a deal could be coming. Lots of rumors of him being traded but if he is to be traded id expect it at deadline if the Wild and Gaborik can not work out a deal by then.

Sundins Agent Denies Reports

Mats Sundin''s agent, JP Barry has denied reports from the NY POST that Sundins top 2 teams of choice are the Rangers and Flyers. He also denied the reports that hes been in constant negotiations. He also said that hes had long conversations with Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher and Canucks GM Mike Gillis about Sundin joining there respective teams. He also noted they're 6 teams interested in Sundin's services and from reports that have come out and what not throughout the months im thinking these are the 6 teams:Toronto,Vancouver,Montreal,Colorado,New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers.

More On The Habs/Oilers Trade Talks

I just got off the phone with McGuire, and I got more news on the Habs/Oilers talks. Again, McGuire says this is all depending on how the Sundin saga plays out, that's what he's been hearing. He said if Sundin signs with the Habs, this trade could go down. Meaning it is probably a centerman leaving MTL. He told me the Habs are definitely after Ales Hemsky. In return the Oilers are asking for a young player, I have heard the name of Plekanec thrown out there, hence why its depending on Sundin as the Habs would need another centerman. McGuire does not think Plekanec will be leaving, he says the Habs want to roll three scoring lines. He thinks the return would be Higgins. This is the trade he gave me..

To MTL: Ales Hemsky
Denis Grebeshkov

To EDM: Chris Higgins
Roster Player
P.K. Subban

Take it for what it's worth but this came from McGuire..I will post more as i hear it.


According to the New York Post: Mats Sundin's first 2 teams of choice are the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. If he were to choose 1 of those team then these would likely be the situations to follow.

If he signs with the Rangers: If Mats Sundin signs With The Rangers there will be a couple moves made to clear some cap space. In my opinion theres no way Sundin take 2 million to play.It would also mean they have given up on talks with Shanahan and we'd likely see him sign somewhere else.

If He Signs With Flyers: If Mats Sundin Signs With the Flyers this is what could transpire. In my opinion the Flyers are not as much a contender as the Rangers thats just my opinion. They also have 2 first line centers already. I think if he were to sign there they'd trade either carter or Upshall+ for a d-man. even though there in the same conference I could see the Flyers swinging a deal for Frantisek Kaberle.



Maple Leafs Need Strong Start

Its been 3 long years since we've seen any playoff hockey for the Buds and this year could be no different. But lets think about this for a minute the Leafs even though they couldn't keep the puck out of the net they certainley had no problem putting it in the net. The Leafs were still top 10 in the league for goals scored and really only lost Sundin this summer.

Now does that mean the team is doomed without him "NO" simply put this team has a lot of new faces on it and there are still changes in the works with the rumored exchange of McCabe and one other Leaf player going to the Panthers for Van Ryn and another Panther (Rumored to be David Booth).

The Leafs have Nikolai Kulemin who scored 33 points in 57 games, they also have Niklas Hagman who scored more goals then Tucker last year and provides more speed then him as well. The Defence is a lot stronger with the additions of Finger and Frogren and not to mention the strong continued play of Kaberle and Stralman.

The goaltending is some of the best in the East I would go as far to say that its top 3. Toskala had terrific numbers on a poor defensive squad and will be better this season with a strong coach leading the way.

The Leafs also hope for big things from Mikael Grabovski and Nik Antropov as well as Alex Steen who may flurish with more minutes.

I think anyone predicting the Leafs to miss the playoffs has there reasons especially because they've missed them the last 3 years. But I think this year will be different and until January we can't really predict what will happen lets give them a chance before we dump on them.

The Source

Questions revolving around Vancouver

As we wait longer and longer for Sundin to make a decision, you have to wonder that if he really hasn't decided whether he is going to play next season, do you really want him? Its not long before training camp opens, and the new NHL season begins and Sundin still has yet to make up his mind. My personal opinion, if he wanted to come to Vancouver, he would have done so already and its time to move on. But to what you may ask, well at this time that is unclear, but its obvious the Canucks need atleast 1 more top 6 forwards. The names that have been thrown around, linked to Vancouver are, Vermette, Gionta, Afinogenov, Williams, Jokinen, and Weiss. Unfortunately out of those players none of them are 1st line centers, but they are good forwards nonetheless. But what would be a good fit in Vancouver? Should Sundin be off the radar, look for Vancouver to go very hard for Weiss, as he maynot be anything more then a 2nd line center, but he definately has a play making ability, and the Panthers look like they are going to be sellers, with the Bouwmeaster rumours running rampid, and their captain Oli Jokinen already traded to Phoenix. Another good fit would be Vermette, a player that I have personally be a fan of for quite some time, Vermette had put him 20+ goals on a 3rd line in Ottawa, so in a second line roll you would expect the same, if not more. Finally, Justin Williams, he is a young stud, only 26 years of age, and has scored 30+ goals twice, prior to last season. A player who could be an impact on Vancouver's second line, Williams could bring some much needed scoring to a team that is dearly lacking. Now on a different note, a move that I would not be surprised if the Canucks made would be trading long time Canuck Mattias Ohlund. With UFA's like Gaborik next season, look for Ohlund to be possibly moved, depending what he wants to stay in Vancouver. Canucks have some key Free-Agents like the Sedins, Ryan Kesler, Alexandre Burrows and Steve Bernier to name a few, look for them to possibly trade Ohlund. For Ohlund to stay he would need to take a home town discount, and unfortunately, that is not something, I suspect, he is willing to do. So what do you guys think? What is Gillis's next move? What will he do with pending UFA/RFA's? Has Gillis moved on from Sundin? Is Gillis targetting a big name player? Is Bieksa a movable asset? Some many questions, so little time before training camp. So I ask you, if you were Mike Gillis what would you do?






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